Vanetti S.p.A. has always focused on ecocompatible products, and this led us to create and design Biomasterbatches® so you can respect the environment while still enjoying colours. As we look around our planet we find that nature offers the most vibrant and unique shades and colours. And that’s how we created Biomasterbatches®: by analysing the molecular structure of biodegradable materials in the laboratory and verifying their specific chemical properties.

Biomasterbatches® are suitable for colouring all biodegradable materials.

Understanding the molecular structure of biodegradable polymers means that we can now use them in a wide range of sectors and for countless applications. It was by confirming the structure of biodegradable materials and verifying the chemical properties in the laboratory that we created Biomasterbatches®. We then added pigments that can integrate without altering the end purpose for which they are used. Biodegradable materials require specific production temperatures and conditions for the processing plants and these characterise their resistance to heat and subsequently to light. Our Biomasterbatches® with biodegradable ingredients are now used in a variety of different industries from shopping bags to packaging and even for more technically demanding products with a percentage of use from 1.8% to 2% max.

Through modifying the molecular structure of biodegradable materials we can now offer you second generation Biomasterbatches® with a broader and increasingly more diversified range of applications. We have accomplished our goal of colouring biodegradable polymers on a large scale thanks to the use of Biomasterbatches®.